About me

Hi, I'm Dal. I'm a Senior Product Manager currently working for ZAIZI as a consultant. I'm passionate about product and tech for good.

What I enjoy most about working in product

  • Finding opportunities using data and qualitative research
  • Learning by testing assumptions
  • Validating a strategy through experimentation

My philosophy

  • De-risking over validation mindset
  • Being less wrong by making better decisions using data and reviewing them
  • Setting goals and tracking how well we're performing against them
  • Helping to build product thinking amongst colleagues, especially non product people

Key skills

Leading Product Discovery

I can lead your team to identify the potential opportunity for a product idea. Here are the key steps I use:


  • What are the pains, needs and desires of our key users
  • The number of users who have the pain point.
  • How do they solve the pain point now
  • What current solutions are available and how well are existing products solving the problem
  • Are users willing to pay for a solution

Market Size

  • How big is the market and how can we address it? (TAM) Total Addressable Market
  • How big is the realistic market for us to serve (Serviceable Addressable Market)

Digital Project Management

  • Agile or Waterfall Project Management
  • Helping to keep teams motivated
  • Tracking velocity
  • Removing blockers
  • Managing budgets

Product Development

  • Using prioritisation frameworks to set priorities
  • Experienced with SCRUM and Kanban
  • Managing the backlog and changing course when evidence or business priorities suggest it's right
  • I can work with a full stack team to build out a new feature, product or optimise a current one

My characteristics

  • Adaptable - especially when the problem is unknown, nobody knows where to begin, time constraints budget constraints
  • Self starter - I can self initiate an idea and use tools such as design sprints, Lean Startup to learn cheaply
  • Research - Finding data, qualitative, quantitative and drawing hypotheses from which to synthesise focus

My personal artefacts

What I'm learning more about

Where I want to improve

  • I believe in building product thinking among none product teams - product cannot exist in a silo and companies need the right ecosystems for people to do their best work. I'm learning more about organisational change and culture building at the moment.