I'm learning about Open Education

I'm learning about Open Education
Photo by Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

I'm using this space to show my work on researching Open Education Resources as part of my role with SAGE Publishing.

Here's what I'm looking to find out:

  • The market - Is the OER market growing?
  • Pains, Needs, desires of adopting OER
  • Opportunities

How am I documenting my learning?

I prefer a emergent approach to what I'm learning.

Instead of the final showpiece, I'm more interested in the incremental compounding affect of writing to challenge my comprehension of OERs.

Therefore, this is record of learning in public.

Go back to my early posts and you'll see a superficial level of knowledge. The more I write, the more my knowledge will grow and so will the depth and surprising questions.

I'll Use the 'Jobs To Be Done' framework as my pair of spectacles to view this space. I want to uncover the underlying motivations for people who support the idea of OERs (emotional jobs) rather than just the utility of OERs (functional jobs).  

Last week I learnt:

There are a number of authorities whose mission is to increase the adoption of OERs. For instance, a prominent body appears to be the 'Open Education Network'. They believe that:

  • Education should be accessible to everyone.
  • The cost of textbooks is pricing some students out of university education or at least negatively affecting their experience.
  • Question: What does this experience feel like?
  • They believe in Open Education as the default.
  • People are not born to be consumers, but human beings who want to use education to grow

These principles feel ideological to me. Does this mean deep rooted beliefs among supporters of OERs, combined with those who share the beliefs sustain OERs into something more pervasive in Higher Education?