Prioritisation is powerful when you measure impact

As Product Managers we're in the business of making decisions such as:

Quick decisions - When you're under pressure to make a decision fast with nothing but assumptions and your experience to hand

Invisible decisions - decisions which nobody heard or saw you make, maybe small decisions with low impact

Strategic decisions - Longer term bets such as prioritising the roadmap

Imagine retrospectively you were scored on your ability to make good decisions. And that score represented your decision score in the PM league table.

I'm a level 5 Product Manager with 80% good decision rate.

If we're in the business of making the best decisions, isn't this our ROI? Something I want to work on is documenting the impact of decisions.

I imagine though, over the course of my career, my invisible decisions had the largest consequences because I probably had to make more invisible decisions with unknown consequences. Second order consequences.