Stochastic terrorism - the invisible terrorism

Stochastic terrorism - the invisible terrorism
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy / Unsplash

This is a term to describe someone in position of influence who can stir up hatred towards a minority group that then leads to lone wolf attacks.

For example, when Trump talks about designating ANTIFA as a terrorist organisation, he's tacitly encouraging the far right to attack Black Lives Matter protestors by making them the 'enemy'.

It's impossible for police to protect citizens because often the rhetoric triggers lone wolf attacks

Brexit caused acts of stochastic terrorism where there were increases in assaults on ethnic minorities

The stochastic terrorist is the demagogue. Trump can say the guy who murdered muslims was suffering "mental health problems"

This is the thing about stochastic terrorism. Trump goes on radio. Incites racism. A man watches it and kills someone. He is sentenced to life in prison all the while Trump continues to incite terrorism via his presidential platform.

It's impossible to anticipate when the next attack will happen and who will carry it out

In a UK example, Owen Jones was attacked by members of the far right as he celebrated his birthday in a pub in Kings Cross.

Watch how the likes of Andrew Neil or other mainstream pundits react to Owen Jones on TV. They respond as if he's another liberal leftie who is simply annoying. Maybe there's unconscious homophobia involved too. I don't know.

It creates a culture where liberal people are framed as the enemy of public common sense, therefore a threat to freedom of speech.

Anyway, this stirs up young men like James Healy to carry out an attack.