Tinkering as a way of life

Tinkering as a way of life
Photo by mohammad takhsh / Unsplash

In Naseem Taleb's book, 'Anti-fragile', he talks about 'tinkering' to provide you with options in any endeavour.

This can be applied to life. If you want to get fit and you tend to give up, try a few things over a few weeks. If you want to learn new skills, tinker with learning different ones.

By taking this approach, you'll end up:

  • Not placing all your eggs in 1 basket and giving up when that idea doesn't work
  • Trying lots of small things is the necessary component of discarding that which isn't useful
  • You're making smaller bets, like in tech small experiments, launching an MVP, prototyping, a learning loop

All this means, you're not so tied to singular ideas, more so, you're tied to 'tinkering' instead.

Inspired by: Antifragile

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